The artistic practice focuses on perceptions, visible truths, appearance, disappearance, past, and current issues while dealing with renditions in photographic imageries, sculptures, and installations as his ways to deliver ideas across boundaries. His works mostly suggest ideas about intangible pieces of information or specific events; what took place in the past, present, and future, what is absent, and what is present. Chanruechachai usually explores and revisits memories and shows fragments of forgotten knowledge to create narratives that allow us to be a part of their construction. The ghost of architecture, the tracing of events from newspapers, stacks of newspapers also appeared in many of his previous works. Archives and his collection of photographic imageries always play the most prominent part to link us, the audience, to their meaning, before we find ourselves being lost in his webs of ghostly images in the passage of time.

Live and work in France
The College of Fine Arts, Bangkok, Thailand
Exhibitions Solo Show
2019  The Smell in The Air After The Firecracker has gone off, Gallery Ver, Bangkok, Thailand
2011  Glance Left and Right, Gallery Ver, Bangkok
Selected Group Show
2022 I remember 2019, SEA Focus, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore
2021  From Simmer To Ignition, Gallery Ver, Bangkok, Thailand
Pop-Up Exhibition,, Bangkok, Thailand
No Colors in the Air, A Bray-et-Lu (95), Arterritoires, France
2018  All-Time High, Gallery Ver, Chiang Mai University, Thailand.
2013  Safe Place in the Future (?) Dystopia Now Utopia never, Museum of Contemporary art and design, Manila, Philippines.
A tale of two Cities, Glance left and right, Jin Jai Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
I Know you, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland.
2012  Safe Place in The Future II/ Dystopia now, Utopia never, Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok Thailand.
Temporary Storage, Bangkok Art Culture Center, Thailand.
Arte fiera Art First, Bologna, Italy.
Retro -Ver spective, Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand.
2011  City Net Art, Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea,
Mega Mixed, collaboration Udomsak Studio Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Bangkok Density,Biagiotti Progetto Arte , Florence, Italy.
2009  Young Ladies Old Chaps, and some Thaï friends, Spazio A Gallery, Pistoia, Italy.
2007  Eternal Flame: imagining a future at the end of the world, The Gallery at Red Cat, Los Angeles, USA.
2006  Belief, Singapore Biennale, Tanglin Camp, Singapore.
2005  Silent, Art Republic Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.
2004  Here and Now, About Café, Bangkok, Thailand.