photograph printed on newspaper 200 x 150cm
photograph printed on newspaper 300x220cm
photograph printed on newspaper 200 x 150cm
Installation views
2011 "Bangkok Dentsity"  Biagiotti Arte Contemporanea, Italy
2012  Arte fiera Art First, Bologna, Italy.
2021  From Simmer To Ignition, Gallery Ver, Bangkok, Thailand

The only reason for time is to prevent everything from happening at once. (2011)
This work continues my "One Day, Another" series. I'm still fascinated by urban environments and the unique landscapes of deserted buildings frozen in concrete, emptied of traffic and human traces. This particular piece was inspired by current events, by situations unfolding in unexpected ways.
The artwork explores the concept of time and space in flux, particularly the idea of destroyed areas being reborn. It delves into the creation of something new within a limited space, or the repurposing of a building slated for demolition, using the current situation as a narrative thread. The photographic process involves recycling, composing, and decomposing messages from newspapers. This process serves to expand our understanding of what the near future might hold.
The series features photographic prints on recycled newspapers.
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