installation view
Installation view
2006  Singapore Biennale, Tanglin Camp, Singapore
2007  Red Cat Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

Mitr Jai-in: A Conceptual Painter and the Dong-na Library Project
Mitr Jai-in, a painter residing outside Bangkok in Thailand's Lumphoon district, utilizes a unique conceptual approach. Each of his canvases serves as a blank platform that can embody various ideas, functions, or notions. He envisions these paintings as catalysts to spark conversation and promote specific concepts.

The Challenge: Bringing a Library to Dong-na Village
Dong-na is a small village located in southeastern Thailand near the Mekong River. lacks a high school and relies on only three teachers for its primary school. The village's remoteness means it doesn't appear on most Thai maps. Three years ago, efforts began to build a library for Dong-na, but securing sponsorship proved challenging.
Art as a Tool for Social Impact
The project delves into the question of art's role within society. If art functions as a tool, how can it benefit the public? Could "works of art" actually act as catalysts, prompting a deeper understanding of artistic concepts and related ideas? What forms could this take? How can art, as a tool, be utilized to serve the community instead of remaining distant and inaccessible? Can art, as a tool, facilitate both physical and mental connection, propelling ideas forward in ways currently unimaginable?
The Dong-na Project: Transforming Artworks into Building Blocks
The Dong-na Project directly connects with Mitr Jai-in's artistic practice. Each painting is titled after a specific element or object needed for the library. When a painting is sold, the proceeds are used to acquire that particular element, effectively transforming the artwork into a fundamental component of the completed library. For example, a painting titled "Window" would be sold to fund an actual window for the library within the Dong-na primary school.
- Pratchaya Phinthong & Pattara Chanruechachai

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