One day, Another 2009 Photograph print on Newspaper 95 x95cm / 120 x 100cm
2021  From Simmer To Ignition, Gallery Ver, Bangkok, Thailand
2011  City Net Art, Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea,
2011  Mega Mixed, collaboration Udomsak Studio, Chiang-Mai, Thailand.
2009  Young ladies Old chaps, and some Thaï friends, Spazio A Gallery, Pistoia, Italy

Following the spectral echoes of "Ghost House," my inaugural photographic series, I find myself drawn once more to these liminal spaces. These are the "strange worlds" – deserted urban landscapes where buildings stand as petrified concrete giants, devoid of the usual symphony of traffic and the ephemeral traces of human presence.
Here, time hangs heavy. Recycling becomes more than just a process; it's a metaphor for the cyclical nature of existence. I weave a tapestry of fragmented thoughts, bridging the chasm between time and space. Newspapers, with their inherent ephemerality and potent symbolism, become my palette. I deconstruct and reconstruct both image and edifice, transforming these abandoned structures into more than mere shells. They become palimpsests of absence, silent sculptures bearing the weight of untold narratives.
This is not just about capturing a fleeting moment; it's about capturing the entire video – the ever-unfolding story etched upon the very fabric of these buildings. It's a meditation on the passage of time, an attempt to sublimate its relentless march. By embracing the ephemeral nature of the moment even as I transcend it, I seek to reveal the profound beauty hidden within the silence of these forgotten spaces.
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