Glance left and right 2011-2013 Photograph on newspaper 260 x 240cm
Glance left and right 2011-2013 Photograph on newspaper 260x240cm
Glance left and right 2011-2013 Photograph on newspaper installation view
2021  From Simmer To Ignition, Gallery Ver, Bangkok, Thailand2011 Gallery Ver, Bangkok, Thailand
2013 Museum of contemporary art and design, Manila, Philippine
2013 A tale of two Cities, Glance left and right, Jin Jai Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
2012 Safe Place in The Future II Dystopia now, Utopia never, Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok Thailand
2011 City Net Art, Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea 
My artistic obsession stems from a belief in time's inherent justification: the cyclical nature of experience, where everything echoes and repeats. Time, the ultimate catalyst, fosters reflection, prompting us to revisit the past and reimagine the future. It's this concept of boundless time and limitless events, alongside the beauty of simple compositions, that truly captivates me.
I explore these themes through abandoned and unrealized materials. Discarded newspapers, relics of fleeting moments, become woven into my work. Frozen-in-time photography captures the weight of time settling upon neglected structures and deserted buildings – spaces poised for transformation. This interplay between past, present, and potential rebirth unveils the profound weight of engaged time, a time actively shaping and reshaping our world.

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